Koena Hostel Struggle This blog is a brief pictorial documentation of the Koena Koyna Hostel [dated 29 March 2009 when it was nearing completion].

Koena is arguably the most controversial hostel in JNU. The genesis is filled with struggle against an insensitive JNU administration, false promises, hunger strikes, struggle over electric meters, rustications, wide media coverage etc.

This is a one time documentation and will not be updated. It took me some 80 minutes to make this blog. Must see the ‘Rooms’ page; the rooms are hotel like!

If you want to know about me, read the β€˜whodunit’ page. Thank you. πŸ˜€

Feel free to leave your comments on any page. πŸ˜€

Koena Hostel Pictorial documentation by Vikas JNU

Koena Hostel Pictorial documentation by Vikas JNU

Koena Hostel Pictorial documentation by Vikas JNU

Koena Hostel Pictorial documentation by Vikas JNU

Koena Hostel Pictorial documentation by Vikas JNU

Koena Hostel Pictorial documentation by Vikas JNU

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  1. Is Koyna only for Girls?

    • ya

  2. Yes, it is only for girls though it was planned to be a co-ed hostel.

  3. All this is very modern and probably not in sync with the rest of the hostels. Frankly I envy the girl students who are residents there. Our biggest problem was water scarcity I wonder if that still persists?

    • You are right! Certainly very modern and unlike all other hostels [the room and furniture in particular]. Water scarcity is here but rare and mostly in summer. It is certainly not the biggest problem.

  4. Kya Yar,Jab chale gye tab jake iski opening hui hai,Shit wanted to spend atleast some time here,anyway try to come again but legaly πŸ™‚

  5. Are there co-ed hostels in JNU at all?
    I’m applying to JNU…is there any information that you can provide me please?

    • Shruti, yes there are some. I live in a co-ed hostel Sabarmati. Other co-ed hostels are Tapti, Lohit and Chandrabhaga.

      • Which one is good? And is it true that people are not getting seats in these hostels? Where do they stay otherwise?

      • ok best of luck for them!
        Thanks for replying too !!!
        also, once you are done, I would like to know more about JNU ….
        I hope you can help me out!
        thanks again!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Is there anyone who lives in khagaria
    plz help

  7. Which hostel is especially for girls
    as my cousin sister is going to take admission and some other related informations also.
    plz anjaan friends help me as soon as possible

  8. This hostel is nothing in front of Bharathidasan university hostel. there all rooms are well furnished tiled and with better study table. don’t think hostel is your necessity eduction is your main aim.

  9. I have read that the most brilliant students in india are living in JNU. But now seeing this blog I was ashamed. why these students are wasting their time on thinking about the hostel and its fecilities.
    shame, shame, shame!

  10. you began a blog. but why u r not updating it

  11. Is koyna Hostel at JNU stil under constructions?

    I’m from Sri Lanka and I’ll be sorting admission for JNU for the accademic year 2011-2012 as a undergraduate!!!
    I’m quite cluless about the hostel accomadations!!! Please be kind enough to give me some idea!!!

    Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

    • hey melani der’s no need to worry for ur hostel accomadations…..there’s a seperate hostel called yamuna for non Indian girls……..n btw many girls are residing in koyna.

  12. Is there a gym on the jnu campus?

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